We started Item Ratings after noticing a trend in online reviews- every source has their own opinion, and they don’t always match up. The need for a more comprehensive review method was obvious. That’s why at Item Ratings we include multiple sources in all of our reviews, when possible. This provides our visitors with a single place where they can compare and contrast ratings and reviews for a specific item or group of items from one spot.

Our philosophy is the more information, the better. Making informed buying decisions doesn’t have to be a chore. We keep our summaries short, keep our commentary to a minimum, and present the facts and data in a way that is easy to read and compare.

We encourage open discussion on all of our reviews and we do not censor opinions (aside from vulgar langauge, threats, spam, etc.).  Let us know in the comments section where you disagree. Every opinion enhances the comprehensive approach we like to take here, so don’t hold back!

If you have a suggestion for an item or category that we should include at Item Ratings, let us know on our Contact Us page.