Best Car and Truck Jump Starters Buying Guide

[Updated November 2017] When your car or truck battery is dead and you need to give it a jump start, there is not always another vehicle available to use. Battery jump starters allow you to jump start your vehicle quickly and easily on your own. We researched the most popular jump starters from a variety of sources to find the best choices. We take actual customer reviews and ratings into account along with other data to create this buying guide.

Best car and truck battery jump starters based on Amazon customer reviews and ratings

Jump starters at AmazonWe gave our highest rating to the jump starters on Amazon to a model by Jump-N-Carry.  Following closely behind are two units from NOCO’s Genius line. Another high performing model in our ranking is offered by Gooloo. The middle of our top ten list on Amazon is taken up by jump starters from Stanley and Antigravity Batteries. Rounding out our Amazon list are models from DBPower, Anker and another from Gooloo.

Best vehicle battery jump starters available at Advance Auto Parts

Car and truck jump startersOf the car and truck jump starters at Advance Auto Parts, we gave the best ranking to a unit from Schumacher. They also took our next two slots on our top ten list with other models. After that is a jump starter from Wagan, and two units from Cal Van. The remainder of our list of the best jump starters at Advance Auto are several more models offered by Schumacher.

Rank Model
1 Schumacher Portable Power ProSeries JumpStarter for 12 Volt and 24 Volt Batteries
2 Schumacher Portable Power ProSeries Jump Starter for 12 Volt Batteries
3 Schumacher ProSeries Jumpstarter with 2 18AH AGM Batteries
4 Wagan 600A jump starter, 14AH lead acid battery, 260 PSI
5 Cal Van Portable power source and automotive battery jump starter
6 Cal Van Micro Boost Portable Power and Jump Starter
7 Schumacher 3600 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit
8 Schumacher DSR Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit
9 Schumacher 4400 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit
10 Schumacher 2200 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit


When choosing a jump starter, be sure to check the specifications to make sure it will work with your type of vehicle. The models we researched varied in the type of output and additional features.  We weighed customer recommendations along with data about which were the best selling as well as other information to create this buying guide.

Sources: Amazon, Advance Auto Parts, Consumer Reports