Best rated extension ladders buying guide

[Updated November 2017] Extension ladders are adjustable length ladders that typically consist of two or more telescoping sections. We researched the top rated extension ladders from a variety of sources to create our easy to use buying guide.

Highest rated extension ladders based on Amazon customer reviews

Looking at what Amazon customers had to say, we gave the highest rating to an extension ladder from Finether. After that is a model from Louisville Ladder, followed by one from Homegear. Next in line on Amazon is a ladder from Werner, and another Louisville Ladder model. The second half of our list from Amazon includes extension ladders from Black & Decker, Werner, and Louisville Ladder. Our list is rounded off by DeWalt and Werner.

Rank Model
1 Finether Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Aluminum Folding Extension Ladder
2 Louisville Ladder FE1716 Fiberglass Extension Ladder
3 Homegear ZJIT-1001 Aluminum Telescopic Extendable Ladder
4 Werner D5924-2 Fiberglass Flat D-Rung Extension Ladder
5 Louisville Ladder FE8908 Fiberglass Manhole Ladder
6 Black & Decker BXL2220-16 Aluminum Extension Ladder
7 Werner Ladder D6216-3 16′ D-Rung Extension Ladder
8 Louisville Ladder FE4228HD Fiberglass Extension Ladder
9 DeWalt DXL3020-16PT Fiberglass Extension ladder Type IA
10 Werner D7128-2 Fiberglass D-Rung Extension Ladder

Best rated extension ladders based on Lowes customer ratings

Based on the ratings and reviews from customers at Lowes, we gave the highest rating to an extension ladder from Werner. An Xtend & Climb model takes the next spot in our list. The remainder of the list of best extension ladders from Lowes includes several other models from Werner.

Rank Model
1 Werner 28-ft Fiberglass 300-lb Type IA Extension Ladder
2 Xtend & Climb 15-ft 6-in Aluminum Telescoping Type I Extension Ladder
3 Werner 24-ft Fiberglass 300-lb Type IA Extension Ladder
4 Werner 32-ft Aluminum 250-lb Type I Extension Ladder
5 Werner 40-ft Fiberglass 300-lb Type IA Extension Ladder


Across the sources we researched, there were a number of extension ladders that received high ratings and good customer reviews. We recommend taking a careful look at the specifications of the ladders you are considering to ensure they meet your requirements for capacity and length.